Terms of Service

Please read this agreement carefully

to ensure you understand

Preparation of your order begins within 24 hours after your order has been confirmed. We cannot accept cancellations once your order has been confirmed. If you request to postpone a delivery we just need to know the date and we’ll change it for you. We need at least 72 hours notice of a postponement request.


We deliver Mondays & Wednesdays between 11am-4pm. 

We are not responsible for spoilage, as we prepare all dishes fresh and follow all food safe handling criteria right to your door. We recommend keeping meals no more than 5 days without freezing. You must report your issues in writing and with photos within 24 hours of the meals being delivered.


Every meal is made to order, we do not store cooked food for days then ship it to you. The food will last 3-5 days depending on the type of meals you order. Seafood and Salads typically is 3 days and Beef, Poultry and Vegetables up to 5 Days. You can freeze all meals except salads and eat at a later date.

If our driver tries to reach you and could not, it is likely your meals

were returned to our facility. Please contact us to via email to reschedule. 

We are closed on the weekends so if it is a Friday delivery you’ll most likely

have to wait until Monday to pick up. If you’d like it to be redelivered we

can arrange that on our next delivery date for an additional delivery fee. 

Because we use 100% all natural and fresh ingredients, meals are subject to change without notice. In the event that a meal, or ingredients for a particular meal are unavailable, we reserve the right to reconstruct dishes without notice. We deal with all fresh and organic ingredients, and sometimes without notice we have to change or postpone your meals due to freshness and availability of ingredients. 

We take food safety very seriously. All of our staff are experienced,

food handler certified kitchen personnel. We follow all safety protocols to

your front door.


The safety and wellbeing of our clients

has and will always be our #1 priority. 


We are a family owned business you can trust. We ask that you

please understand we are trying to run this business as smoothly

as possible to keep our food fresh, keep cost as low as possible, and maintain great standards for our clients.